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White House’s Immigration Reform Proposal Leaked!

The immigration reform proposal that the White House is working on was reportedly leaked to the public last week.  The proposal appears to be unpopular enough that members of Congress are now rushing to produce their own.  It seems that this leak has lit a fire under Congress to finally take up the matter of comprehensive immigration reform.
What is most amazing is that the White House’s proposal has made everyone – on both sides of the issue – incredibly unhappy.  Those who favor more lenient immigration laws feel that the White House’s plan to require undocumented aliens to wait eight years is too long, while those who want to close the borders entirely feel like this plan is rewarding those who broke the law with an amnesty.  Given how unpopular this proposal is, it will be interesting to see whether the White House will use the leak as an opportunity to distance itself from the plan.
Only time will tell if there is ever going to be any comprehensive immigration reform … Stay tuned.  If you would like to learn more about how comprehensive immigration reform may affect you, contact me.

Author: Mary Bosworth

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