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Is Immigration Reform Fever Spreading?

Immigration reform was a hot button issue during George W. Bush’s presidency, and this time around there is renewed hope that a solution benefiting the U.S. economy will finally be reached. In fact, the recent White House leak of its proposed immigration reform bill brought the topic to the forefront and planted it firmly in the minds of the American people. As reported by The Verge tech blog, the tech industry is staging a virtual march in support of immigration reform – not necessarily the leaked White House version – to make it easier for employers to find skilled immigrant workers, among other reasons. Of particular concern is the current difficulty in obtaining entrepreneurial visas in the U.S., which has the real potential to drive individuals out of this country. Contact me to find out more about visas for entrepreneurs, and how I may be of assistance to you.

Author: Mary Bosworth

I am an attorney at law with decades of experience specializing in immigration, employment, family, and other practice areas. Attention to individual legal needs of every client are extremely important to my success as well as yours. Contact me to find out how I can help you.

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