Mary J. Bosworth

Attorney at Law


Asylum Granted to an Immigrant With Years of Undocumented Presence in US!

Ms. Bosworth succeeded in obtaining asylum for a victim of long-term domestic violence from a small Central American country.  The applicant had been in the U.S. without status for seven years, yet Ms. Bosworth was able to convince the Asylum Officer that this case merited an exception to the one-year bar based on the history of domestic violence and resulting depression and PTSD.  The client has not only obtained legal status in the U.S., but she has also recently opened a small catering company and is taking courses to become an office assistant.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Granted!

Ms. Bosworth obtained Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) status for a young person from Central America who had traveled to the U.S. alone and entered without inspection.  After convincing a Superior Court Judge to grant a relative’s petition for guardianship, the youth was granted Special Immigrant Juvenile status by USCIS after showing that he was abused, neglected or abandoned by his parents.  He was granted permanent residency approximately two weeks later and now attends a local high school, where his grades are exceptional and he hopes to study computers upon graduation.

Asylee Green Cards Received!

In two separate cases, Ms. Bosworth obtained permanent residency (green cards) for two gay men who had received political asylum based on their sexual orientation.  In one case, the applicant had a conviction for a felony (drug possession), but Ms. Bosworth was able to overcome that obstacle by showing the applicant’s rehabilitation and satisfaction of all terms of his diversion sentence and that he qualified for relief under the Federal First Offender Act.  Both young men are employed and enjoying the security that permanent residency affords.

U Visa Granted!

A young woman who was undocumented and had lived in the US for many years wound up in removal proceedings after an immigration “consultant” filed papers seeking immigration benefits she was not entitled to.  Luckily for her (ironic comment), she had been the victim of a violent crime a few years earlier.  She cooperated with the local police, so they were willing to support her U visa application.  The young woman was granted a U visa, her removal proceedings will soon be terminated, and she will be eligible to apply for permanent residency in three years.

Defeated Unemployment Claim by Employee who Walked Off the Job!

The conventional wisdom is that employees are entitled to unemployment compensation regardless of what they have done to be fired.  That is not true.  In a recent case, an employee was found to be leaving work early, taking long lunches, and not returning from lunch at all.  After he was terminated for this behavior, he sought unemployment.  However, his claim was denied after Ms. Bosworth presented evidence that he had refused work and walked off the job, thus making him not entitled to unemployment.

The continued success of my practice is a result of my experience and attention to my clients’ needs.  I work very closely with you to prepare the strongest possible case and to present a convincing case to the authorities, whether it is the Asylum Office, the USCIS or an administrative agency like the DFEH, EDD or the EEOC.

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